How magic happens - a video from our shoot with Polly Borland and Susie Cave

July 17, 2017

How magic happens - a video from our shoot with Polly Borland and Susie Cave


A serendipitous collaboration between friends occurred during my recent trip to LA - my long-time friend and photographer Polly Borland and Polly's close friend, designer of the cult fashion label The Vampire's Wife  and top-model Susie Cave (wife to the singular musician Nick Cave), came together to create the lookbook for our newest collection, Roses in Winter, as well as to showcase some of our most precious and unique pieces.

Polly Borland is an Australian-born photographer, whose work is featured in every major Australian art gallery. She is renowned for her works including "Bunny," which first brought the actress Gwendoline Christie to prominence, "Babies," as well as the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which was commissioned by Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002.

Polly is now based in LA. Her new exhibition opens at Meir Gallery on July 22.

Susie Cave ( nee Bick) was one of the quintessential models of the '80 and "90s. A favorite of Alai, the face of Christian Dior Make-up, photographed by Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton, the list goes on. She has an otherworldly beauty that is ageless and timeless.

Watching the two of them work and interact was a dream. The ease with which they communicated, the fun and humor they injected into the shoot, the easy glamour and grace that Susie embodies. The effortless ease with which she posed, each move utterly graceful. And if I sound like a fan girl, that's because I am!





Take a look below for my personal behind the scenes photographs and videos of the day as we worked together on this thing of beauty.