All Nora Kogan jewelry is designed in New York and hand made in our Midtown Manhattan workshop, from the finest materials and gemstones meticulously selected by Nora.
Our enameling process is labor intensive and time consuming, with every piece painstakingly painted by hand individually.  Enamel color choices are shown here.






Our jewelry is delicate and requires care when worn and handled. To preserve the integrity and finish of our jewelry, please remove when sleeping and showering.  Take care to protect the stones from knocks and scratches.  Store your jewelry separately.




Cold enamels got their name due to the peculiarities of the technological process. Master enamelers are specialists of the highest class. This is one of the creative professions of jewelry production. It is also one of the most difficult — the master can work on some decorations for a whole day or more.

Using a special tool, the enamel is applied to the metal surface. In some cases, the enamel is laid using an individually designed tool with improved ergonomics, which allows you to paint the products in hard-to-reach places.Enamel-coated jewelry differs from other products not only in its original design, but also in its specific care.  

To preserve the original brightness of enamel paints, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

Rule 1. The decorative coating is a thin layer, so it is sensitive to mechanical influences. Chips and cracks may form on the enamel from the impact, so it is not recommended to drop products with enamel.

Rule 2. Jewelry with enamel should be protected from direct sunlight, as well as temperature changes. It is not recommended to wear them in the solarium, on the beach, in the bath or sauna. Otherwise, the coating may fade or crack.

Rule 3. Do not allow the enamel to come into contact with acids, alkalis and chlorine, that is, with any detergents, powders and cleaning gels. Also, the coating can be damaged from interaction with cosmetics (creams, lotions, shampoos, etc.) and sea water.

Rule 4. In order to preserve the brightness of the decoration, but not to damage the enamel coating, products with enamel must be washed in cool water, adding a small amount of ammonia there. To clean the enamel, you can use a soft brush with liquid soap. Then the decoration must be washed in clean water and wiped with a soft cloth. However, the best care for jewelry with enamel can only be performed by a specialist in a jewelry workshop.

Rule 5. It is recommended to store enamel products separately so that their surface does not come into contact with other metals.




Silver jewelry oxidizes naturally with air and humidity.  Occasional cleaning with a special cloth will keep the silver shiny and remove the oxidization.  In order to best avoid oxidation, keep your silver jewelry in a closed bag that is protected from the air.




It is not recommended to wear jewelry when you are sleeping, swimming, or participating in sporting activities. Also avoid contact with perfumes and make-up.
The patina tends to disappear over time. The speed at which this disappears depends on the way in which the jewelry is cared for. Loss of patina is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear.




Slide the open part of the cuff along your wrist without without pushing it apart which might break it.


How do I determine my ring size?
Our rings are available in sizes 5 to 8 depending on the model. We recommend that you download our ring size chart to double-check your ring size before ordering.
Please refer to the conversion table to see ring size equivalents for




Our bracelets and cuffs are one size only. They have been specifically designed to be one-size-fits-all.




Our necklaces and chain necklaces come in one size only. The length and style of the necklaces differ depending on the design. Please check product descriptions on the product pages for sizing details.



Many of our pieces are available to order in gold or silver. We can often customize jewelry to suit your taste; e.g., changing the type or color of stone or altering the metal finish. If you see something you like, please ask us about our customization options.

Beyond making adjustments to existing styles, we offer custom design and production. Custom orders require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to start production, and because these pieces are made to order, they are not returnable or refundable. Make an appointment to discuss your ideas with Nora. She will design your piece and have it made upon approval. We can work with a variety of metals and stones, including existing heirloom stones to create new pieces. The possibilities are nearly endless.



If you choose to ship internationally, you are responsible for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes levied by the country you are shipping to. Payment of these fees is often necessary to release your order from customs on arrival. You should check with your country's import laws before placing your order.

Once Nora Kogan has delivered the merchandise ordered to the carrier, you, the customer and purchaser of merchandise, will assume the risk of loss and title for the merchandise. You are responsible for any additional taxes and duties. Nora Kogan is not responsible for any fees charged by customs. If you decide to refuse any deliveries from Nora Kogan or the parcel is undeliverable for any reason, you are responsible for the original shipping charges to you, any duties, taxes, and/or customs charges that are incurred on the package (on both the original and return shipments), and the cost of returning the package to Nora Kogan. 



We offer complimentary cleaning for all jewelry within the 12 month mark of the original purchase date. We are happy to provide service for repairs, resizing, or adjustment needs outside of the first 12 months of the purchase date, however a fee will apply. Repair fees are determined based on the level of damage or wear, so pricing is assigned on a case by case basis. Resizing fees are determined based on the amount of size increases requested, so resize pricing is also assigned on a case by case basis. Fees will apply for elective repairs such as chain lengthening.